A Vision for LSU’s Snow Arena


Growing up in Colorado, near the mountains of Vail, you get to not only appreciate snow and everything that comes with the powdery delight, but it also becomes a part of who you are in some way or the other.

Snow became a very passionately important part of my life since the very first trip to the ski slopes I went on when I was just a tiny baby. I learnt how to ski and then later also to snowboard. These two snow sports became not only my favorite pastime, but also a passion I thrived for. Snowboarding was my favorite amongst the two, but skiing is what I am better at!

Twisting and turning through the powdery white fluff, while feeling exhilarating to the limits and beyond is an experience unmatched to any other. You can only understand or comprehend what I mean if you are a skier or snowboarder yourself. I also love winter sports gear and am very picky about the performance sports gear that I buy. I am also very picky about my snowboards and skis. My favorite pair of skis are by Lightning Boards. They are wooden skis built using straight grain heartwood ash made out of solid wood not laminated!

Today, as I am a student at LSU, the home of the Tiger People, I miss the snow covered slopes and my snow sports more than I can explain. This past Christmas break, when I went back home, I tried to get as much time on the slopes as possible and snowboarded and skied to my heart’s content, or at least I thought I did until I got back to campus, and now I wish I would have spent some more time on the slopes.

Sitting around the Christmas tree, sipping on mom’s famous eggnog, I couldn’t help but think about all the gifts I have bought for friends and family from the Tiger People apparel & merchandise store. By the way they have an awesome Facebook page which you can check out. We get some of the best sports merchandise, and it being “Tiger-People” Apparel makes it even better!

However, I wish they would carry some more hardcore winter sports merchandise for skiers snowboarders like me. We get sports gear from brands like Hurley. I just wish they would make winter sports gear that can be a part of the inventory. I wish they would carry my favorite Alpine and Telemark Wooden Skis with Modern Side-cuts DuraSurf sintered P-Tex. bases, with edges of Polycarbonate.

I have this brilliant idea of starting and indoor ski slope arena at LSU. Yes, it is a tall glass to serve, but not unattainable. I’ve done my preliminary research and the guys who make my favorite Alpine and Telemark ski boards have agreed to sponsor, as well as help with the planning and designing of the arena. I have distributed initial proposals to the school authorities and several investors. Let’s see where this takes me.

On the slopes during Christmas, I was complemented on my favorite LSU sunglasses that I got as a Birthday gift from my Boyfriend. I also ended up getting a few orders from friends for some other Tiger People clothing and accessories after they saw me sharing and liking their Facebook page (which by the way is pretty cool 🙂 ).

So, even though I can’t snowboard or ski here at LSU, I can definitely take LSU back with me to the white powder cover ski slopes back home until my snow covered dream of LSU’s indoor snow arena comes true!